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Your Brand Reputation Hangs in the Balance

Customer care matters more than ever in a crisis. Aviem can help.

When a horrific accident befalls a guest, or a crowd is traumatized by a violent outburst, the repercussions are long-lasting. In fact, it only takes one disaster to color public perception forever. But what people remember about the aftermath of a crisis often has as much impact as the event itself. 

Organizations are sometimes counseled to take a “hands off” approach or focus on PR and legal liability when things go wrong. But a strong company is willing to offer a helping hand to customers and provide practical care and comfort. It’s not about accepting or denying blame. It’s about taking responsibility for easing the suffering of those affected. And yes, people know the difference.

What Can We Provide?

At Aviem, we work with clients to create the best customer experience—even in the worst times. We can augment your staff development programs by adding Human Services Response™ training, and we have thousands of our own team members on hand at a moment’s notice to step in and help out.

If a large-scale tragedy occurs, our full-service response is invaluable. These solutions include:

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