Aviem trains your people to act with precision and compassion in any emergency.

Is Your Team Ready for Action?

Having an emergency response plan is the first step in being prepared. But training is what makes it real for your team on the ground. Through our workshops and courses, your employees acquire the knowledge and skills to respond compassionately and effectively. Aviem’s training is based on our Human Services Response™ model, the internationally recognized standard that treats the practical and emotional needs of people as a top priority rather than an afterthought. We align our training with your industry, organization, and operations to cover all the bases.

Exercises Strengthen Your Emergency Response

Tabletop Exercises:

These meetings focus on discussion of simulated emergency situations, allowing teams to explore and test their emergency plan in an informal, low-stress environment. It’s a proactive way to clarify roles/responsibilities and identify additional mitigation and preparedness needs.

Functional Drills:

This simulation is as realistic as possible, short of staging on an actual site. This type of exercise helps teams evaluate functions and capabilities in the context of an emergency event.

Full-Scale Exercises:

This training includes a field element to test how well a plan works with real-life complexities and logistics in the mix. Coordination, communication, and collaboration are all evaluated during a full-scale exercise.


Aviem is the leading provider of crisis-related training and the largest provider of family assistance training, based on the HSR™ concepts developed by Dr. Carolyn V. Coarsey. These courses equip your teams to effectively support those involved in a crisis or disaster and their families. 

Aviem provides a variety of training courses to its support clients in emergency planning, EOC operations, Go Teams and Family Assistance Operations.  Since training is customized to each clients specific organizational requirements we do not offer open training at this time.

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