Who We Serve

Bad things happen to good companies. Great companies know how to respond.

Crisis Preparation for Companies That Care

At Aviem, we serve organizations around the world that have a strong sense of corporate responsibility and share our vision. What does that mean? 
We believe that serving the practical and emotional needs of human beings MUST be a top priority in responding to any disaster or crisis. At the end of the day, how people feel about the way they are treated when things go wrong is a critical factor in whether an organization can recover to continue its mission in the world. Organizations that understand this simple fact are the ideal fit for our services.

What Types of Leaders Reach Out to Aviem?

At Aviem, we urge corporations to acknowledge that they cannot “outsource their disaster.” Instead, we help businesses take ownership of tragic situations even when it is hard. This includes planning and training in advance to minimize post-event trauma for those impacted by a crisis.

We work directly with clients who are responsible for keeping their organization strong:

  • Business and public sector leaders
  • Emergency preparedness managers and executives
  • Business resilience & continuity directors
  • Risk management specialists
  • Health, safety & environmental directors

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We help organizations of all sizes and provide as much support as needed. We work diligently to ensure that our clients have a comprehensive, powerful, and effective response capability. They know that when a crisis happens, we will be there.