Your emergency response preparation deserves a second look. At Aviem, we take a comprehensive approach to making certain our clients are ready for a crisis of any kind, at any scale, anywhere in the world.

The Plan

A well-conceived, properly documented plan serves as the foundation for crisis response. But even large organizations often have gaps in their program. Over the past 30 years, we’ve found that many plans fail to cover an appropriate range of crises and contingencies. Even more troubling, we find plans that are not actionable. They lack clearly defined roles/responsibilities and effective checklists. Having a plan like this leads to a false sense of security—that is shattered when a real disaster happens.

These Best Practices are Crucial for an Effective Response Plan

For your emergency response program to be effective it must:

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We help our clients audit, develop, and improve emergency plans that follow best practices, including compliance with regulations and laws. Our consulting and support services cover corporate, humanitarian and local station/terminal plans.


Preparing the PLAN


Preparing the PEOPLE

What Prompted You to Think about Crisis Response Planning?

The best time to revamp your program is before a disaster happens. We urge companies across all industries to pay attention to early warning signs and take action now. 

Perhaps you are experiencing one of the following:

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