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Creating Resilient Communities in Troubled Times

Our Aviem family provides compassionate response in the face of crisis

Around the world, the public is facing threats from acts of terrorism, violence, natural disasters, and large-scale accidents. When preventive measures fail, communities must come together to pick up the pieces. What would it be like to have thousands of extra hands ready to help at a moment’s notice?

Aviem prepares public sector organizations to respond with practical, effective, and compassionate care in the aftermath of tragedy. We have more than 30 years experience coordinating with government agencies, nonprofits, and other entities to improve crisis response in ways that have the greatest impact.

What Can We Provide?

A disaster can take many forms, from a school shooting or a mass transit accident to contamination of a water supply or an infectious disease outbreak. Helping people remain calm in a crisis hinges on one key element: access to relevant information. 

Aviem helps meet this critical need with:

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