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Any Trip Can End in Tragedy. Are You Prepared?

The aftermath of a disaster impacts survivors and their loved ones for life.

When travel is cut short by an accident or disaster, there is no longer any time to prepare—only time to respond. The logistics of handling mass casualties alone are enough to overwhelm most travel and tourism businesses. But the victims’ families also deserve care and compassion. Sadly, they often fall through the cracks and are left in a state of uncertainty and fear.

Aviem helps aviation, cruise ship, and tourism companies to fully address this critical human element of emergency response. Our clients know that how people are treated in the hours and days following a disaster is a determining factor in business resilience, brand reputation, and financial settlements.

Emergency response training that focuses on compassion is also useful in the daily situations that arise in the travel industry—not just in a crisis. For example, cruise lines see significant improvements in passenger service, claims handling, and overall company reputation when they implement our care and support programs.

What Can We Provide?

Aviem is an international emergency response company with personnel in 40+ countries around the world. We have care teams and call center staff available 24/7 to respond to an accident of any scope, stepping in alongside your own fully trained team to address the immediate needs of survivors and families.

Who Do We Support?

Prepare for the Things You Can Control

Aviem has decades of real-world experience responding to disasters large and small in collaboration with the clients we serve. Every system and process we use has been tested and proven in action. We also know which services are necessary and which are redundant in disaster response. For example, rather than focusing on the logistics of victim identification and repatriation of remains (which falls under the purview of local governments), we advocate for families to have their wishes honored throughout the process.

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