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Learn how Aviem pioneered the field of people-focused emergency response.

Transforming Crisis Response Since 1999

At Aviem, we know that a crisis or disaster resulting in trauma or loss of life can happen to any company, its customers, employees, and their families. While such events may be unavoidable, businesses have a choice in how to respond—if they are well-prepared to do the right thing. Helping organizations prepare and respond is what our company is all about.

Our Vision

“Effective crisis response in a world where all those impacted by crisis or trauma are fully supported on a practical and emotional level in the aftermath of tragedy.”

Our Mission

“We are dedicated to helping companies respond honorably after a crisis or trauma by providing conscious, compassionate care to survivors, families, and employees.”

Our Core Values and Goals:

We are committed to raising compassion-consciousness in the world by helping companies respond positively to crises of any scope.

Our focus is on providing practical and emotional support to family, survivors, respondents, and others who are most affected by the crisis.

We give our clients a clear understanding of the role of their organization and their employees when there is a tragedy.

Our clients learn to take ownership of the situation, in partnership with Aviem, and avoid common mistakes that increase post-accident trauma.

We guide our clients to put crisis response and assistance programs in place that comply with relevant laws and regulations.

We help customers and employees see the humanity of a company—rather than viewing the company as a perpetrator.

We give our clients the support needed to respond in ways that preserve or enhance their reputation.

A Brief History of Aviem


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Based in Rigorous Research

In the late 1980s, Dr. Carolyn Coarsey began researching best practices for emergency response after a personal tragedy involving an aviation disaster. This early work led her to develop Human Services Response™, a practical, non-counseling approach for company employees and other trained responders to follow in meeting the needs of those impacted by crises and trauma that occur in the workplace. Higher Resources which publishes most of the training materials used by Aviem today, was also founded by Dr. Coarsey in 1986.


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Founded in the Business Sector

Jeff Morgan founded Aviem in 1999 to serve the emergency planning needs of airlines around the world. Aviem initially focused on writing emergency plans and conducting operations training and exercises. At the request of our clients, the company developed a world-class call center, family assistance support, and on-site incident response services as well. 

Aviem proved to be the first and only company in the emergency response industry built by professionals with experience sitting in corporate emergency command centers, facing challenges in real time and understanding how each decision affects business reputation and stability over the long-term. By incorporating insights gained from real-world research on the human impact of compassionate response, Aviem created an approach that is unique in the emergency response industry.  



The Family Assistance Foundation

In 2000, Jeff Morgan and Dr. Coarsey co-founded the Family Assistance Foundation to meet the needs of our members and provide a platform for ongoing research and training development (led by Dr. Coarsey).


New Industries

Expansion to the Rail Industry and Beyond

By 2002, Aviem had expanded its support from aviation to the rail industry. Since then, the universal response approach for Crisis Management (with a focus on HSR™) has proven effective across a broad range of industries including aviation, rail, energy, manufacturing, tourism, retail, and many more.

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