Brave Companies Act with Compassion in Troubled Times

How you respond to an accident can define your company for generations.

Energy companies know better than most that accidents can happen even with the most careful precautions. When an incident occurs:

  • Emergency response and hazmat crews can mitigate the immediate hazard.
  • PR firms can address concerns about public health, worker safety, and environmental impact.
  • Insurance companies and attorneys will determine financial liability.

But who is handling the fallout in terms of immediate, practical care for people traumatized by the event?

Through the past few decades, we have all seen companies in this sector suffer significant damage to their business reputation in the aftermath of a disaster. Your organization has a choice in how to respond to victims, survivors, their families, and communities impacted by an accident. Expressing empathy and reaching out to help is the natural human response. At Aviem, we make it part of your formal emergency response. That way, no one falls through the cracks.

What Can We Provide?

At Aviem, we work with clients to create the best customer experience—even in the worst times. We can augment your staff development programs by adding Human Services Response™ training, and we have thousands of our own team members on hand at a moment’s notice to step in and help out.

If a large-scale tragedy occurs, our full-service response is invaluable. These solutions include:

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We help energy sector clients restore trust in their company in the event of a disaster. Contact us to talk about this critical issue.