Esthea Lanker

Operations Support Specialist

Hi, my name is Esthea. I was born in South Africa and grew up in the beautiful Cape Winelands. Growing up, traveling and working overseas was but a dream for most of us. After completing my studies in Health and Skincare Therapy, I accepted a job that took me to the Algarve in Portugal. After a year in Portugal, my journey continued on cruise ships, where I also met my husband. After spending many years onboard we started a family. We welcomed two beautiful daughters into this world and they were both born South Africa. 

In 2008 we moved to the United States. I had the privilege to spend the next few years with our girls as a stay at home mom. Settling in a new country had many challenges and as much as we missed our “homeland” we embraced our new life. Today we make our home in the sunny state of Florida. 

The rest of my family still lives in South Africa and these days my travels mainly takes me “home”.

As a stay at home mom, my days consisted of caring for my family. I love the outdoors and the ocean. Every morning I make the time to run, practice yoga and you will find me in the garden whenever I have a spare moment. 

In 2020, at the start of the pandemic, I joined AVIEM. It was a challenging time for the entire world. I was very grateful to have the opportunity to become part of this wonderful organization. The best part was that while working from home I was still able to do be there for my family and have daily quality time. 

After many years of experience in client care, I learned the level of care you provide matters greatly and it makes a difference. This lined up perfectly with the heart of AVIEM. I completed the valuable HSR training and was also very fortunate to do the Mental Health First Aid Training. 

Today, I support operations working closely with our team to bring a high standard of professionalism and efficiency and during challenging times finding solutions to provide the best care and support.  I believe to help is to give and to give is to care. To provide care and to give of yourself is the ultimate service.

My wish is for all to experience care and kindness in abundance daily. It makes our world a better place. 

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