Ana Maria Dumitru

Vice President, Client Services and Support

Ana was an experienced former Cruise Line Shipboard Manager having deployed and supervised hundreds of CareTeam activations onboard and shoreside in her tenure. Her responsibilities also included overseeing the Hotel Operations on board as needed supervising the largest team onboard. She was selected to lead new ship start-ups and take delivery of several vessels in Europe. Ana lead the teams onboard by advocating the company’s service values to include CareTeam awareness and training on all her ships. Her first Human Services Response™ training was in 2007 and she continued participating in yearly onboard CareTeam trainings until retiring in 2015. Her experience in collaborating with domestic and international partners provided the best support for her guests and crew during emergencies. Ana’s partnerships and work with Port Agents, Tour Operators, Ground Handlers, and Transportation Companies, demonstrated her keen ability to establish relationships in advance and utilize all appropriate resources as needed for the particular emergency. With her extensive training, experience and focus on operations and safety; Ana is able to adapt to multiple industries needs and provide support and guidance as needed. Ana studied Management and Business from Transilvania University in Romania and speaks Romanian, English, Spanish and Italian.