What to expect

We will now focus on what to expect from the interaction with the Call Center Agents.

At the end of each call, you will submit a survey to rate the Agents on a few main categories and you will also be able to add specific comments that will clarify your score. That will allow us to put together valuable and specific feedback for the Call Center team.

Some of the very important categories are:

•Their tone of voice

•Their caring demeanor, while being efficient

•Their ability to follow the script without sounding scripted (denotes their true knowledge of the system)

•Their ability to navigate the CS2 system according to the caller’s responses and the sense of urgency when taking the caller’s information

Rating System

You will score each question using a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 means Poor and 5 means Excellent.

  1. Did not get any of the goals right

2. Did not get most of the goals right and needs more training (care and compassion, incident information, using the system, speed)

3. Did well, but lacks in one of the areas (compassion, was not fast enough, needed more time to work through the system or take the information etc,)

4. Did great, but could be just a bit faster, or more compassionate

5. Excellent in all areas

To help you with choosing the right rating for all the questions of the survey, we put together a guide that will be provided to you along with all the drill specific information. Please feel comfortable using a 5 when it is warranted, if the Agent got everything right, we should rate accordingly.

If you are rating an agent a score 3 or below, please write down the reason in the comments, so we can help them improve by providing actual information on their performance. Comments are welcome on all scores, as we do provide feedback to the Call Center Management who in turn provides the feedback to the Call Center Agents. Comments for high scores would therefore be great as well, so we can let the Agents know when they are doing a great job too.

This is an example of the survey link that will be sent to you as part of the Information about the drill: https://survey.zohopublic.com/zs/mXBU9r.

You will be asked to enter your full name (this allows us to do Quality Control on our Role Player’s performance too).

You will need to specify what type of call you performed (media call, called about a name on the manifest, call about a name not on the manifest, call back, group call)

Survey Questions

And these are the questions that you will answer on the survey:

• Rate the Agent’s call answering etiquette: did he/she answer the call in a professional and competent manner?

• Please rate agent’s enunciation: did the agent speak clearly and pronounce words correctly (name of the client, locations…)?

• Rate the Agent’s Caring and Compassionate tone of voice throughout the call.

• Did the Agent provide the incident information in a professional manner? 

• How proficient was the agent in their use of CS2? (needs additional training, sounded scripted, had to seek assistance from colleague, unable to locate name of passenger/crew member). Explain in comments fields.

Additional Comments: 

Please share any additional comments related to agent’s tone, use of CS2, or anything else that might be helpful in determining whether or not the agent is able to take calls during a real emergency. (Specify if agent spelled back names and repeated phone numbers)