Pre-Drill Actions and information

Two weeks before the drill

We will send all the Role Players an Invitation to participate to the drill with date and time of the drill.

One week before the drill

We will send a ‘CONFIRMATION Email’ to all the Role Players who have been selected to participate to the drill.

We will send a ‘STANDY Email’ to all Role Players who were available but not selected. Please know that sometimes some RolePlayer might have a list minute issue and not able to participate, so we will reach out to the RPs in Standby before the beginning of the drill.

Two days before the drill

We we will send you all the information related to the Drill like:

•Name of the Incident

•Date/Time of the drill

•Incident Information

•Screenshot of the Answer phrase

•Number/type of calls


•Survey link

•Manifest of people involved

•Role Players protocol

Day of the drill

We will share the roster of call center agents who will participate in the drill.


The drill will last two hours. You will start making phone calls independently and will continue through the duration of the drill for two hours.

We will compensate you $25 per hour, for three hours.

We kindly ask you to be logged in and send us a check in email at least 30 min prior the beginning of the drill to get familiar with the Incident Information, choose your role plays etc , and you will have 30 min additional at the end of the drill to finalize your Surveys.
We will send you an invoice to be filled in and sent back to us with your bank details for payment.
You will receive payment as a Direct deposit in your account within a week from the drill date.

Other Items

All calls are recorded for quality and training purposes.

As part of our regular Quality Assurance Process we go through some of the calls and listen to calls/make notes, compare our rating to the Role Player’s rating and also see if there is anything that we can learn from each call. We may at times reach out to you to schedule a brief meeting where we can review a call or two together, all part of our ongoing training efforts.

We might ask you and all the Role Players participating in the a drill to join us on a brief meeting before the beginning of the drill to discuss any specific details related to the drill. This would be within the 30 minutes allotted prior to the drill.


Sometimes we also participate in Client Drills and we would ask our RolePlayers to participate. We would meet in advance and rehearse the Scenario that we will roleplay.