Drill – As a method of teaching through role play

I see and I forget

I hear and I remember

I do and I understand


Creating a safe environment: use Role plays to….

1. Build confidence: Role-playing provides a safe environment to encounter these scenarios for the first time, which builds confidence in team members that they can then use, when they need to handle a real life situation.

2. Provide really great opportunities to practice in a safe environment, where mistakes have no real world consequences as would be the case in ‘on the job practice’. (note that some learners will not find a role play environment safe).


  • The Internal Drills are part of our monthly Quality Assurance Process where our Call Center agents practice the skills they have acquired in the call center training.
  • We have 300+ AnswerNet Call Center agents and 20+ preselected Aviem role players. Utilizing the latest call center technology, the AnswerNet Call Center agents are stationed in 19 different locations across USA and Canada.
  • The Internal Drills provide training to 10 Call Center agents each month, with agents located in at least 5 call center locations per drill and 4 Aviem role players on average (numbers are subject to change monthly).
  • The Agents are pre-informed about the drill and aware that the calls are being recorded for training purposes.
  • The exercise includes over 100 test calls made by the Role Payers team.
  • All data is fictional: we will not use real names of companies/locations/airports etc.