6. Transatlantic Translation Group (TTG)

Since we have so many international clients, as well as clients who travel to various countries around the world, it is very likely that you will be assisting callers who speak languages other than English. Aviem works with a company called TTG (Transatlantic Translation Group) who can assist with interpretation services 24/7.

AnswerNet will provide all of you with detailed instructions for utilizing interpretation services via TTG every time you are working with our account; however we would like to go ahead and introduce you to these procedures here so you can begin to familiarize yourself with the process.


  • Determine what language caller is speaking. Caller will usually tell you: if not, the Operator at TTG can help to determine the language. Choose language code 6737# (Operator) and then ask for some language identification assistance. The Caller needs to be able to speak with the Operator otherwise there’s no way we can assist with language ID
  • Place the caller on hold and dial 833 572 0901.
  • Enter the access code 75378040 followed by sign #.
  • Enter the Pin Code assigned to your Site location.
  • Enter the code for the Language needed followed by #. You can also “spell” the language. So using your phone key pad for ex. 7726 spells the 1st 4 letters of Spanish. Please see page 2 of the Language List for clarification if required.
  • You will be connected you with an Interpreter and you can proceed with a three-way call.
  • You MUST REMAIN on the line and use the interpreter to continue through the script.
  • FOR TESTING ONLY: when you take this training, please test the system by calling  # 833 572 0901, enter the access code 75378040 and the PIN and choose language 8378 (TEST). It goes to an Operator who will ask “what language”, so please explain it is just a test call and hangup.