1. About AVIEM International and Call Center Services

About Aviem International, Inc.

Aviem International, Inc. provides world-class emergency response and disaster support services to companies around the globe, including mass transportation, e.g., aviation, cruise lines, rail companies, energy companies, retail, and many other organizations.

Aviem’s key personnel bring a long and experienced background in disaster response to provide consulting, planning, and training services. 

Aviem is based in Atlanta, GA, and has a small full-time staff, along with a large network of teams and partners around the world. We thank you for being an important part of this network, allowing us to provide our clients the best possible call center experience.

Federal Requirements for Airlines and Passenger Rail Companies. 

Mass transportation accidents where companies responded poorly to the passengers, employees and their families caused Federal requirements to be imposed on airlines and passenger rail companies. In 1996, US Congress passed the Aviation Disaster Family Assistance Act and, in 1997, they passed the Foreign Air Carrier Family Support Act which requires companies to follow specific guidelines for disaster response. In 2008, similar problems in a rail company’s response to a fatal accident caused the passage of the Rail Safety Act for passenger of rail companies. Due to the effectiveness of these guidelines in assisting survivors & the company, they have been adopted as best practice for other businesses and industries around the world.

Metrolink accident – September 2008, 28 deaths
ValueJet Flight 592 – May 1996, 110 deaths

Why Call Center Services

The legislation for family assistance also created a presidential task force to develop recommendations for organizations in dealing with major disasters.

For companies who could not provide reliable telephone services for themselves, the task force recommended that those airlines consider using a third-party vendor to assist with this task.

Based on demand from Aviem’s clients, we have developed this important service in partnership with AnswerNet Network.

After major disasters, companies may receive thousands of phone calls from concerned friends and family members about loved ones who may have been affected.

One of the many requirements of the family assistance law is that a company provide a ”publicized, reliable toll-free telephone number, with sufficient capacity” to handle the calls from concerned family members and friends of passengers on the flight. We think this is the best practice for our non-airline clients as well, which is why we give every client their own toll-free number, to be answered by an agent like you.

Note: for industries regulated by the family assistance law, such as aviation and rail, when a family member calls in, the agents must confirm or not if the loved one is on the list of the people affected. For other industries, there is no such obligation, so the script might be different.

Industries we work with

Since the services we offer can help many industries in addition to airlines, we also support many other types of companies. Our clients now include:

  • Railway Companies
  • Cruise Lines
  • Energy Companies
  • Retail Companies
  • Airports
  • Tour Operators